Hello my name is Matt. I'm a freelance filmmaker based in County Durham, North East England. I'm the founder of LintelFilm.

I was born in Darlington and spent my childhood in Durham. I studied Fine Art - with creative video as my specialism - in Manchester, Munich and finally Newcastle, where I lived for several years. I now live in rural County Durham with my wife and our two young children.

You can view my LinkedIn profile here.

Matt filming in Durham Cathedral during the 2015 Lumiere Festival

Matt filming in Durham Cathedral during the 2015 Lumiere Festival

I'm always well-versed in the latest digital filmmaking technology - I've written articles for prominent industry sites such as Newsshooter.com and Desktop Documentaries. I've also had articles from this site's blog featured on leading filmmaking sites such as No Film School and FCP.co. Despite this my true passion lies with the creative side of filmmaking and its ability to communicate powerful and authentic visual stories.


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Ph.D (practice-led), Lens-based Media, Newcastle University (2012) (Thesis here)

MFA (Lens-based Media specialism), Newcastle University (2006)

BA (Hons.) First Class, Fine Art (time-based media specialism), Manchester Metropolitan University (2003)

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

INTP (Introverted Thinking with Extraverted Intuition)

As an INTP personality, Matt is an independent problem solver who excels at providing a detached, concise analysis of an idea or situation. He will ask the difficult questions, challenging himself and others to find new logical approaches.

Matt does his best work when he is allowed to work independently on a problem requiring a solution or approach that runs counter to existing wisdom or knowledge. Though he works best alone, his incisive evaluations and summaries can assist a group in getting to the core of complex problems.

Matt is generally a quiet, contained, calm and detached observer who values independence and autonomy. He is a precise communicator who will try to avoid redundancy and stating the obvious.